Fluff Store Closing

Fluff Store Closing

Everything’s moving so fast. We thought, why does it have to?

Daily sales targets. Daily ROAS goals. Month on month acquisitions. Bounce rates. Likes, shares, follows. There’s a constant pressure that every single day our online store keeps grinding out the numbers. It's exhausting. And it feels inevitable.

But we realised it’s not. Slower is faster, right? So we decided we could take a break. Reset. Catch up. Catch our breath. Do what we're best at: talk to our customers. Ask questions. Think a while.

We’ve decided to close our online store until our new stock comes in. It’s not forever, but it is for a little while. In an industry built on speed we have learnt that whenever we move fast we break things. This is a chance to remind ourselves to stop for air and make sure this business is headed in the direction we intended, not taking its own path while we lose site of the destination. 

What does this mean for you? It means that for a little while, it’s your last chance to refill, try fluff if you haven’t before, or buy Fluff as a gift. We hear Valentine’s Day is coming up. If we can help you in this process, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM. We are here.

What does this mean for Fluff? We’re catching up on orders. On manufacturing and new products. On talking to our customers. On deepening our connection to community. On content that makes you feel and think. We are focused on making art and doing different differently. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been making. We’re looking to try new things and looking forward to having space to do this.

It also means all orders will still be fulfilled and we will be available online via email and DM for any questions, ideas, or our usual unusual chat. 

The online store will be open until midnight February 8th AEST.

We don’t have an exact opening date for our next product drop of Bronzing Powders. But sign up to our mailing list to be amongst the first to know. With the current overwhelming demand for our Bronzing Powders, we will be releasing them as preorder a month before our drop arrives. 

This is an exciting step for us and as always, thank you for coming along for the journey and following us as we navigate this space at our our own pace, in our own way. We’d love if you supported us in these coming days by sharing Fluff with a friend, buying an extra lip oil for a pal or just stocking up for yourself. 

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