Who is Fluff?

Fluff is currently six girls and a boy working from an office, with many more behind the scenes and on the internet. Fluff was founded by Erika Geraerts who thinks that makeup is fun, but not necessary. We want you to create and accept beauty, making it up for yourself. And we want to talk about your issues with the industry. So, with your help, we created a magazine, and some other stuff. And we’re following it up with products that are all about keeping it simple: that are good for your skin, your head, and the planet.

What is Fluff?

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When is Fluff?

Fluff is now if you’re shopping online, Tuesday - Friday by appointment, and Saturday from 11am-4pm if you’re in Melbourne, Australia.

Where is Fluff?

The Internet. & 200 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Melbourne 3065. Australia. The Studio is open Tue-Fri via DM and Saturdays, 11am-4pm.

How is Fluff?

Good, thanks. Want to contribute? Email bunnies@itsallfluff.com