A collaboration between Fluff and visual artist Samy Baby, exploring the 'Vessel' as a symbol of the space we occupy, both physically and emotionally.

Samy Baby has hand-engraved various narratives and one-of-one designs across a limited release of Fluff's iconic Cloud Compacts. Conversations that reflect culture and art, and ideas of beauty, value, and legacy.


Fluff's Best Selling Lip Oil is now available in a fairy-floss fuchsia.

An innovative balm/oil hybrid, it can also be used as a tint to the cheeks and eyelids. The vegan formula is sheer upon application, and the colour can be built up as desired. The Cloud Compact has been designed with a divot to allow refills and promote less waste.

Named after our very first muse, Shelby Hamilton, who always challenged us to question our own narrative, and to make magic.

Refill. Save money. Save the planet. Never run out of Fluff again.

Fluff's Cloud Compacts are designed to be refillable with any Bronzing Powder or Lip Oil shade. The more you buy, the more you save.

Our next drop is not until March 2024. Stock up now.

For anyone who thinks the world doesn't need more products: instead fewer, better products and responsible, transparent messaging.

Good for your skin, your thoughts, and the planet.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Fluff ships our refillable Cloud Compacts around the world, with natural, vegan ingredients without animal testing, and refillable, plastic-free packaging.

Find your shade.

Fluff's Refillable Bronzing Powder is available in four buildable shades, developed with our community. Take our simple Shade Questionnaire and find out which is best suited to your skin.

No filters. No photoshop. No foundation. Just you.

‘Before the Mirror’, a short film by Director Kaius Potter.

Featuring audio submissions from our community: followers, customers, and friends, from around the world. The stories are real, the voices are yours. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

A story about how much yourself you can be in any moment.


In Season 4 we’re discussing beauty under the lens of changing roles, identity, and responsibility.

We’re talking significant life events or milestones that shape our personal understanding. We look at career, relationships, and parenthood. Ultimately, the tension between our responsibility to the people in our lives, and ourselves.

Featuring Jessica Defino, Sam Wood, Erin Deering, Leonie Akhidenor, and Lesley Hunter. Hosted by Fluff founder Erika Geraerts and Ellen Jenkinson, Head of Brand.