Fluff was created in 2018 as an antidote to the current beauty industry narrative. We operate on a quarterly drop model, meaning that our website is only open for a week, four times a year. This allows us to manage supply and demand, and ultimately, determine the pace at which we do business, and the content we deliver to our audience. We believe it's a better outcome for our customers, our industry, our brand and our team.

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We believe that it's ok to feel more with makeup, so long as you don't feel less without it.

Our iconic Cloud Compacts house our Refillable Bronzing Powder & Lip Oil. Made from Zamac, they are weighted and cool to the touch, similar to the feeling of a grounding stone. As multi-use products, they can be used as a powder or contour, and as a lip, cheek, and eyeshadow colour.

For anyone who thinks the world doesn't need more products:
Instead fewer, better products and responsible, transparent messaging.

Good for your skin, your thoughts, and the planet.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Fluff ships our refillable Cloud Compacts around the world, with natural, vegan ingredients without animal testing, and refillable, plastic-free packaging.

‘Before the Mirror’, a short film by Director Kaius Potter.

The stories are real. The voices are yours. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Shaped by the voices of Fluff’s community, this is a film that captures the liminal space between beauty and identity.

Customers, followers, and friends, from around the world. We asked, what do you think about when you think about your relationship to beauty?

Our mission has always been to mirror our audience - a reflection of not just how they look, but how they think and feel.

Audio submissions have been crafted into a single narrative: a collective consciousness. It is a story about how much yourself you can be in any moment.

In this film, Fluff is discovering what so many of us have spent years covering up: ourselves.

Because being perceived is a terrifying thing.

Shot on location in Naarm, Melbourne. Voice Recordings & Visual Stories featuring Fluff’s community.

Pretty Hard, the Podcast:

Pretty Hard is all about discussing what we feel when we think about our relationship to beauty - how it's changed over time, what we've been and are currently influenced by, what we're trying to change, and of course, how hard it is to run (and consume) a beauty brand in today's digital age.

A series of honest conversations: thoughts and feelings with founder, Erika Geraerts and Head of Brand, Ellen Jenkinson.

Fluff's Issue page:

Fluff is forever committed to expressing moods, opinions, feelings and learnings, and giving our customer a space to express themselves. Our issues page is a platform for you to share your thoughts. 

An issue can be any piece of writing, in any format - credited or anonymous, long or short. It can be an iPhone note or an essay. A to-do list or a brain dump. Whatever you’ve got to say, we want to hear it.