Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Fluff ships our refillable Cloud Compacts around the world, for anyone who wants natural, vegan ingredients and refillable, plastic-free packaging without animal testing.

We believe that it's ok to feel more with makeup, so long as you don't feel less without it. Our products are all about keeping it simple: good for your skin, your thoughts, and the planet.

Never run out of Fluff again.

Fluff's Cloud Compacts are designed to be refillable, with any Bronzing Powder or Lip Oil shade. The more you buy, the more you save.

Existing customers can log in at any time outside of drop periods to refill when they need.

Makeup is art.

Millions of people are watching Fluff customers refill their Cloud Compacts.


We operate on a quarterly drop model, meaning that our website is only open for a week, four times a year. This allows us to manage supply and demand, and ultimately, determine the pace at which we do business, and the content we deliver to our audience. We believe it's a better outcome for our customers, our industry, our brand and our team.

Each drop is open for 7 days, unless sold out prior.

We shifted from an 'always on' model in May of 2022 to focus our attention on telling meaningful stories. This means creating content without a constant push for sales and to encourage intentional, mindful purchasing.

We ship to Australia, NZ, and the USA. All orders will ship 48 hours from purchase. Our team will be packing each day and we appreciate your patience as we work through your requests. We also ship to the rest of the world from these locations if you're willing to pay for shipping, customs and tax duties (and wait a little longer. Simply email us:

Existing Fluff customers can log in at any time with a password to refill their Cloud Compacts.

Fluff Lip Oil and Bronzing Powder refills are contained in a stainless steel pan. The refills are held in the Cloud Compact with a strong magnet however can be easily removed with a pin, and easily slot back in.

You can take our Shade Selector Quiz to help find your most suited Bronzing Powder shade. If you’re still unsure, DM us and let one of our team members help. We can match your shade and skin type through a few key questions and an optional photo submission. 

We are available to help with any questions online between 9am-5pmAEST Monday-Friday via

Find your shade.

Fluff's Refillable Bronzing Powder is available in four buildable shades, developed with our community. Take our simple Shade Questionnaire and find out which is best suited to your skin.

No filters. No photoshop. No foundation. Just you.


In Season 4 we’re discussing beauty under the lens of changing roles, identity, and responsibility.

We’re talking significant life events or milestones that shape our personal understanding. We look at career, relationships, and parenthood. Ultimately, the tension between our responsibility to the people in our lives, and ourselves.

Featuring Jessica Defino, Sam Wood, Erin Deering, Leonie Akhidenor, and Lesley Hunter. Hosted by Fluff founder Erika Geraerts and Ellen Jenkinson, Head of Brand.