How we designed our Lip Oil & Bronzing Powder compacts.

by Erika Geraerts

In truth, it didn’t start like this. 

We were going down the plastic path. It didn’t feel great but four years ago, it didn’t feel like there was anything else available, and we had searched far and wide.

Then, in Hong Kong, on our last day, we came across a manufacturer who made compacts using Zamac, a mix of metal alloys: zinc, aluminium, magnesium, and copper. It felt amazing to hold, there was a sensorial experience like no other. We had to have it. 

When we said yes to using this material, we knew it would be a much longer and more expensive process. We had essentially gone back to the drawing board.

In terms of the design, we knew we wanted the mirror to be slightly distorted. We wanted to challenge peoples’ reliance on their reflection. 

We knew we didn’t want a logo across it. This was about the person who owned it, not Fluff. We were sick of being told that the powder we bought was a powder - we knew that. 

We also needed to decide what shape we wanted. And this took a while. We knew we wanted something that looked natural and organic, maybe a little bit abstract, but something that fitted and moulded into the shape of your hand, which combined with the weight would feel similar to a grounding stone. 

We tried a few shapes and nothing felt right. We knew the answer was probably right in front of us. Turns out, it was above us. 

Always with our head in the clouds, always looking up, always floating about: the Fluff pocket cloud was born. 

It’s a small reminder to look up, to hold on tight to what’s important, to remember that makeup is just fluff, and beauty is so much more. That what we see in our reflection isn’t what matters most. 

To top it all off, we made it refillable. The refills are held in the compact with a strong magnet, however can be easily removed with a pin via the divot, and new refills easily slot back in. Once used, these pans are recyclable. 

You can save $17-$24 every time you refill.

Some simple maths:

Even if you only used an ordinary, plastic lip balm every 3 months, that’s 4 lip balms a year, over the next say, 50 years?

That’s 200 pieces of plastic, per person, per year.

Imagine if even 10 of your friends switched to refills? That would be 2,000 less pieces of plastic on the planet each year.

1 compact. No plastic. 

The Zamac compact will last a lifetime, which means you’re reducing your single use plastic footprint significantly when it comes to your beauty consumption.

All compacts and refills are packaged in recycled, recyclable paper envelopes.

Better for you, better for your wallet, better for the planet.

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