What is Supportive Skincare?

by Erika Geraerts

If you’ve ever felt confused by the beauty industry and the many rules and products they push onto consumers, we hear you. We’ve felt that way too, which is why we started Fluff. 
Our skincare journey has been focused on returning to nature and simplicity. Built on a foundation of oils, plant based waxes and natural butters, as well as holistic, Ayurvedic inclusions - our edit of skincare essentials allows you to use fewer products with less environmental impact across formulations and packaging. 
Products that work for, not against your skin.
Supportive skincare doesn’t see skin “issues” as symptoms to be erased; it sees them as communications from one’s inner and outer environments — the point is to listen to them, to attempt to understand what the skin is saying, and to give it the support it’s asking for.
A simpler, minimised routine.
Fluff believes that you don’t need a 20-step skincare routine. When you truly understand your skin’s natural state and cycles, fewer products and simpler formulations will support your skin’s natural maintenance and self regulation.
Fewer, better ingredients.
We are constantly impressed by nature’s ability to provide powerful oils and botanicals to restore and support the skin’s natural oil and moisture levels. When sourced responsibly, we believe in opting in to natural ingredients, as opposed to additional, unnecessary processed ingredients. This is why we have many single ingredient products that can replace your existing routine.
Pure Oils.
It’s easier to understand what works and doesn’t work for your skin type when you isolate single ingredients and connect them to the performance and payoff. When you’re using a myriad of products or ingredients, or serums with upwards of 10+ oils, it can be hard to isolate which ingredient may or may not be working for you. Often products contain multiple ingredients which do the same thing, meaning you’re really only paying for a long, fancy sounding ingredient list. We have 3 Face Oils designed to be used during the day, the night, and to treat specific concerns.
Adjustment periods.
When switching products, especially from synthetic to natural, there is a typical adjustment period for skin (often 2-4 weeks depending on your skin type). We recommend starting with the basics and removing polarising ingredients or heavy formulations, allowing your skin to reset. When you have a clean foundation you can begin to introduce single oils and understand what does and doesn’t work for your skin.
It’s personal.
Remember, everyone’s skin is different. What works for one person might not work for you, and that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with any skin type, it’s just a different type of skin type. Take the pressure off yourself, go slowly, and remember that your skin is a living, breathing organ that responds not only to products but also diet, hormones, and environmental changes.
Breaking skincare rules.
We asked ourselves: if a product is natural, why does it need to be washed off? Why can’t a face mask be slept in, or used as a daily, intense moisturiser? Who made all these rules to begin with, and why can’t we break them? If you feel like using more pumps of your cleanser than the directions say, go crazy. If you’d rather massage Face Oil in then pat it, do your thing. 
Skincare that makes sense.
We feel good about ingredients that we can pronounce, understand, and appreciate for the fact that they give back and nourish our skin as opposed to them stripping or taking away with drying ingredients. It just makes sense - you should know what it is that’s going into/onto your skin. 
Lazy or considered?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have products that you don’t have to think about, that take the stress out of beauty and ‘self care’, that make beauty matter less. For the person that doesn’t want to spend too much time worrying, perfecting, or living up to an unrealistic standard, choosing products that fit into your life seems natural, not products that ask you to fit your life around a routine.
Where should you start with supportive skincare?
If you’re going to do one thing, it’s cleanse your face. Throughout the day your face is naturally and continually subject to bacteria, pollutants & dirt. Cleansing facilitates the removal of such, including oil and other unwanted toxins.
Fluff’s Cleanser was developed as a hybrid formula of oil and butters; its texture is both creamy and oily. Non-drying, it won't strip you of essential oils, instead it will calm, soothe, and revitalise all skin types including sensitive, dry, combination, Eczema & Rosacea, acne-prone.
You can shop Fluff’s Cleanser in The Triplet set: Fluff Cleanser + Face Wash Cloth, Face Oil #1, Face Oil #2.  Three products. 2 steps. Developed for anyone requiring a simple, gentle, clean skincare routine for morning and night. Non-drying, it won’t strip you of essential oils, instead it will calm, soothe, and revitalise while rebalancing moisture levels. 
Face Oil #1 (100% Pure Certified Organic Jojoba Oil) and #2 (100% Pure Meadowfoam Seed Oil) have the most similar molecular structure to your skin’s natural sebum (oil production). Meaning it won’t cause your skin to go into overdrive (which can result in breakouts or dry periods between use). This is supportive skincare at its best. 

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