What is your skin type?

by Ellen Jenkinson

Do you have Dry skin?
Dry skin is classified as skin that produces little to no oil and has small pores. This lack of oil causes dryness and flakiness. Dry skin is a genetic condition. Some people are just born with fewer oil glands than others.
Do you have Oily skin?
Oily skin is classified as skin that produces oil and has visibly larger pores. This causes the skin to get greasy and have a shine. Oily skin is a genetic condition characterised bu active oils lands. Oily skin types are prone to clogged pores and breakouts.
Or do you have Dehydrated skin?
Dehydration is a temporary skin condition, not a genetic skin type. It is often found, in oily, combination or normal skin that is lacking water (not oil) which causes the skin to feel tight.
Dehydrated skin actually stimulates more oil production, which can potentially cause breakouts. Those with acne prone or oily skin are more likely to suffer from dehydration, as they often choose to use harsh products which strip the skin of moisture (in a effort to dry out oil/blemishes).
The more balanced the hydration levels in your skin, the less likely it is to break out. If your skin is feeling dry, but you’re still getting breakouts… this is a telltale sign that you’re dehydrated.
Everyone needs a balance of moisture (oil) and hydration (water). This balance is the key to healthy skin and applies to all skin types, regardless of whether you’re 18 or 80.
Use a skincare routine that does a better job at balancing out the water levels in your skin.
Our Best Selling Face Oils treat dehydrated skin and blemishes. They are Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Each of our Face Oils has been developed in response to an overwhelming desire from customers to minimize their skincare routine and stabilize their skin. We think that the beauty industry tends to overcomplicate information and products in an effort to sell customers more - when really we believe all we need to do is slow down and take some time to understand, not overwhelm our skin. We believe in single, pure oils as the quickest way to return to and stabilize our skin's natural living patterns. Usually, there is an adjustment period (2-4 weeks) for our skin to recalibrate and get used to any new products, especially if it's simplifying our routine.
Face Oil #1 for adaptive, combination skin that needs rebalancing and glow. It is 100% Certified Organic Jojoba Oil. Its molecular structure is the closest to our skin's naturally occurring state - which means it is suitable for most skin types and that application can result in restored moisture levels. Our founder, Erika uses this product every day - it's super lightweight and easy to wear under makeup or on its own/with moisturizer.
Face Oil #2 for dehydrated and dry skin lacking in moisture and needing a boost. It is 100% Meadowfoam Seed Oil, derived from the Meadowfoam Seed Flower. It's a thicker oil than Face Oil #1 and #3 and is more suited to dehydrated skin or as an intense, nighttime oil. It is one of the most stable oils available, in that its expiry date is longer than most - it can also be mixed with other oils to prolong their shelf life.

Get them together in the Triplet Set. A three-step routine for dewy, hydrated skin: Fluff Cleanser, Face Oil #1, Face Oil #2. Get 10% Off with code: FLUFF:TRIPLET

Face Oil #3 was developed for more mature skin types, and those looking for a natural retinol alternative e.g pregnant women or women looking to target lines and pigmentation. The hero ingredient here is Bakuchiol. It is light upon application with a natural, earthy smell (whereas Face Oil #1 and #2 are unscented). Face Oil #3 does contain Frankincense Essential Oil at a very small % which may cause irritation to sensitive skin. As always, pregnant women should check with their doctor before trying any new products.

All Face Oils contain essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, and vitamins. Naturally rich in vitamins A, D and E these gentle oils work to regenerate skin cells.

For all oils you can use 2-3 drops under your moisturizer or apply liberally day and night on their own.

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