Refillable Beauty. How much can you save?

by Erika Geraerts

What if makeup was art that you never had to throw away?

Our Lip Oil and Bronzing Powder compacts are designed with a divot to allow refills, and the pan is made of stainless steel that can be recycled once you pop it out.

You can save $17-$24 every time you refill.

Some simple maths:

Even if you only used an ordinary, plastic lip balm every 3 months, that’s 4 lip balms a year, over the next say, 50 years?

That’s 200 pieces of plastic, per person.

Imagine if even 10 of your friends switched to refills? That would be 2,000 less pieces of plastic on the planet.

1 compact. No plastic.

Held in place with a magnet, the Bronzing Powder and Lip Oil pans are easy to replace and recycle when you’re ready.

The Zamac compact will last a lifetime, which means you’re reducing your single use plastic footprint significantly when it comes to your beauty consumption.

All compacts and refills are packaged in recycled, recyclable paper envelopes.

Better for you, better for your wallet, better for the planet.

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