The Refill Revolution

by Ellen Jenkinson

According to Zero Waste Week, more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced globally every year by the cosmetics industry, contributing to loss of 18 million acres of forest annually.
Why shouldn’t all beauty packaging be refillable? Why isn't this the norm?
The answer is complicated. And nuanced. And not perfect. If there was a solution, we'd surely all be doing it. But instead, it's costing the earth, and consumers dollars.
Can we end this cycle? Is the answer to recycle? Or is it more? Should we first be reducing our consumption, and then reusing what we have?
At Fluff we believe in investing in something that’s nicer to the planet and your wallet. That's where we started. We believe in more mindful consumption. It has to start somewhere and we started with designing products to be refilled, saving you on your next order. And saving the amount of single use primary packaging. We've got a long way to go to find the perfect material for our refill pouches, but with open and honest communication with consumers and suppliers, we hope we'll get there.
What if Makeup was art that you never had to throw away?
Our Bronzing Powder and Lip Oil compacts are designed with a divot to allow refills, and the pan is made of stainless steel. The refills are held in place in the compact with a magnet, and are easy to replace and recycle when you’re ready. You can save up to $34 every time you refill. You can have 1 compact and multiple shades. Switch them out as you like, and move from Bronzing Powder to blush to eyeshadow, or dewy lips to eyes and cheeks. 
The Zamac compacts will last a lifetime, and means you’re reducing your single use plastic footprint significantly when it comes to your beauty consumption. All compacts and refills are packaged in recycled, recyclable paper envelopes. Better for you, better for your wallet, better for the planet.
Our Glass Face Oil, Floral Water and Cleanser bottles are refillable too. Our refill pouches are 100mls, meaning you get 2 x worth of product for a saving of up to $33. They are recyclable with Soft Plastics through REDcycle once thoroughly cleaned.
We are working on Stage 2 of our liquid refill model, which includes working on a solution that uses Sugarcane instead of plastic, however there exists no current option (that we have found) with a spout.
Would putting our refills in a large glass or aluminium bottle defeat the purpose of a refill? Would it become too expensive? More than the product itself? If you have any suggestions of how you'd like to receive refills, we'd love to know. Send us an email or a DM.
Join the refill revolution.

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