How to Contour (A guide)

by Erika Geraerts

If you’re like us, contouring is a scary word that evokes images from Instagram that we definitely do not want to see (or be). Luckily that era appears to be over, and as it turns out, contouring doesn’t have to be that scary - there is a minimal version of it.
Similarly to painting, contouring is all about location—where you place colour is equally as important as which colour you’re actually working with. If you’re talented enough and know exactly where to place certain shades to accentuate shadows, angles, or certain features of the shape of your face, we commend you. We are not you.  
But what if you still want to learn how to contour? If you’re like us, there’s something mysterious, and alluring about the idea - done well, of course. We've been wondering, what if you could accentuate the best parts of your face, while still looking like you: pretty?
Fluff’s Bronzing Powder has a subtle but buildable colour that can be used across the whole face, beginning by applying your base. You really can’t stuff up this part, as it slowly builds a natural, healthy glow. Next, it's about confidently focussing on the forehead, cheekbones, tip of the nose, and cupids bow (where the sun would naturally hit) to develop depth and angles. You can also apply the powder as a subtle eyeshadow, adding depth and definition to this area to bring out the natural colour of your eyes.
There’s no sparkles, no grey, caking, or muddy payoff to the powder. The natural, vegan formula that lets your skin breathe and your natural complexion show through.
It comes in a refillable, weighted metal compact that slides to open and looks crazy fancy, while cool to the touch with grounding stone qualities. The Kabuki Brush, also available in the Bronzing Duet, has synthetic fibres and blends effortlessly, while the retractable brush allows you to easily add definition and contour. 
Still stuck? Try Tik Tok. We hear that works. 
“There’s this one spot on your cheek that if you poked a hole through it, it would touch your teeth. If you softly blend it out [after adding contour], it will create the most soft-looking, high cheekbones for those who want to look good from the side and the front.” 
Trying to find the right shade? Take our Bronzing Powder Shade Quiz. 

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