Minimal Makeup: A How To.

by Erika Geraerts

We love and hate Instagram, and what it’s done to the beauty industry and its consumers. On the one hand, it’s helped us find our fit, and provided inspiration when it comes to fashion, beauty, travel, food and so much more. Yet we also live in a world that often glorifies heavy makeup, cosmetic procedures, and dramatic before and after transformations. There’s so much noise and pressure to look a certain way. It’s exhausting. 
There is however, an undeniable shift in embracing natural beauty. The minimal makeup ‘trend’ if you will, has taken the attention of the beauty industry and consumers alike, focusing on enhancing and discovering natural features rather than covering them up. We love this.
So why does it seem so hard to achieve an effortless, minimal makeup look? Is it because our industry is still selling us a 10 step natural beauty routine? Doesn’t this take away the 'natural' part?
Fluff's approach to makeup is using fewer, better products: multi-use items that allow your skin to breathe and your natural features to show through. We believe makeup should be easy to understand, simple to apply, and provide a feeling that you still look like you: pretty. Ultimately, it’s ok to feel more with makeup, so long as you don’t feel less without it. 
While the best way to achieve a natural makeup or minimal makeup look is simply to use skincare, and go natural (seems obvious, right?) - we’ve compiled what our own 'minimal makeup' routine looks like, and how it’s helped us transition to wearing less, (and on some days nothing at all) which ultimately has improved our skin texture and appearance for the better.
It’s full circle: wearing less makeup allows your skin to do it’s own thing, so that you can wear less makeup. Revolutionary. 
Step 1: Skincare
Begin with a clean and moisturised face. Cleansing helps remove excess oil and dirt, while a lightweight moisturiser (cream or face oil, depending on your preference) hydrates your skin, creating a smooth canvas for makeup. Don’t worry about an eye cream, toner, or several different types of moisturisers, one is enough - your skin won’t know the difference. The only thing we’d suggest, if you’re spending long hours outside in the direct sun, is to choose a moisturiser with SPF, or a face oil with natural sun protective qualities, like raspberry seed oil. 
Step 2: The Face
It sounds obvious, but start with your complexion as the key to a natural looking/fresh base. We prefer to bypass foundation because it only serves to cover your natural features, as opposed to discovering and embracing their character. Should you wish to use a concealer product, use such sparingly, to even out discolouration. Alternatively, and preferably, you can own your pimples, scarring or pigmentation. We’re human after all, they speak to experiences, and we like to embrace that. 
If there’s one item we’re not leaving the house with, it’s our Refillable Bronzing Powder. With subtle but buildable colour it can be used across the whole face, focussing on the forehead, cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow, and as a subtle eyeshadow. There’s no sparkles, no grey, caking, or muddy payoff - so it really and most simply looks like a warm, healthy glow.
The natural, vegan formula that lets your skin breathe and your natural complexion show through.
It comes in a refillable, weighted metal compact that slides to open and looks crazy fancy, while cool to the touch with grounding stone qualities. The Kabuki Brush, also available in the Bronzing Duet, has synthetic fibres and blends effortlessly. Be sure to pick up enough visible product on your brush and tap off any excess. Simply apply a light layer across the whole face, and add extra where you’d like across the cheeks, forehead or eyes, buffing out with your Kabuki Brush. Or you can layer and contour to create a more intense, natural tan.
Add a hint of colour on the cheeks to give your complexion some depth and variety. Simply dab a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it outwards for a subtle glow. Fluff’s Refillable Lip Oil (Shades 2,3,4) can also be used on the cheeks as a blush or #1 Original Clear can be used across the cheekbones for a natural, dewy highlighter.
Step 3 The Eyes: 
Mascara is one of those nice to haves, but not essential. We’re leaning more and more into days without mascara - maybe because we’re tired and touching our eyes so much (sigh). But on the days and nights where we do opt for mascara, we usually choose a mascara that accentuates or lengthens lashes without clumping or adding excessive volume. Simply apply a coat or two, focusing on the roots to create a natural, 'fluttery' effect. 
For a minimal makeup look, stick to neutral eyeshadow colours that complement your skin tone. A soft matte taupe, brown, or orange can bring out the colour of your eyes without overwhelming them. Apply the shadow across your eyelids and blend it gently for a 'diffused' look. Here you can even adjust Fluff’s Kabuki Brush’s retractable case to create a contour brush and apply the Bronzing Powder further to the eye area. 
We also talk about the brows when we talk about the eyes, because we consider them the same territory. Perhaps we just like the feeling of brushing our brows, but there’s something to say that they can frame the face and add structure to a minimal makeup look. 
If you’re using a brow pencil or a powder, make sure to choose a shade that complements your natural hair colour. Work gently, filling in any sparse areas with short, feathery strokes. Remember to keep the shape soft and natural to achieve the desired effect. Don’t overdo it. Remember the word minimal. Fluff’s Lip Oil in #1 Original Clear can also be used as a light brow pomade to provide shape and shine.
Step 4 The Lips:
Complete your minimal makeup look with a touch of colour on your lips. A sheer lip, a tinted lip, or a soft nude lipstick will add the perfect amount of depth, while keeping your lips hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Fluff’s Lip Oil can be applied with the warmth of your fingers. The buildable formula and four shades allow you to control the colour depth from light to a bold pigment. Use on the cheeks as a blush or across the cheekbones for a natural, dewy highlighter. 
That’s it. A long(ish) list to keeping things simple. Why the minimal makeup look is considered a trend is an interesting discussion, whereas we see it as just an everyday, simple look; a celebration of natural beauty. And while it’s ok to feel more with makeup, we really believe you should never feel less without it. 
Fluff’s Bronzing Powder and Lip Oil come in Refillable Compacts, with Vegan, Cruelty-free Formulas. 
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